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Talas rlc - Fox Shox The full "TALAS System" fork service overhaul procedures on this page require specialized tools and a hher level of cal expertise. TALAS RLC. TALAS II travel system, low-speed compression, lockout, lockout force adjust. Compare your sag measurement to the Sag Setup table below. 32MM TALAS forks feature three externally adjustable travel choices from 5.5.

Oil Volumes The full service procedures are intended for the qualified service cians having this hher level of cal service s, and the proper tools. Fork Oil Volume Sheet. FOX 7 wt. Damper-side oil bath, 150.0. Spring-side oil bath, 20.0. FOX Float Fluid, Air Chamber. FIT RL, RLC & Remote dampers. 24, 2011-2012 TALAS 29 120. 32, 2010-2012 FLOAT 130 & 140

Talas fit rl - Fox Shox The information presented in this page represents the latest oil recommendations from Fox engineering, for all fork products. You are here Forks 32 mm TALAS TALAS FIT RL. Compare your actual sag value to your target sag value in the Sag Setup table below. If your sag.

Manual Archive Bike Help Center FOX If you discover any discrepancies between oil specifications within any of the service procedures and the information presented here, the Oil Volumes table information will always take precedence. Did FOX suspension come on your bike? Get manuals for custom OE products. 2011, Complete PDF booklet 8.9MB, All Languages. 2011, All Forks and.

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