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DD-103 Universal Dital Dial Instruction Manual - The ATS-909 / DX-398 is certainly one of the great portable shortwave receivers ever made. There is also a manual program mode that lets you program the dial for any receiver or. Heathkit. HW-100 • HW-101 • SB-100 • SB-101 • SB-102 • SB-300 • SB-301 • SB-303 •. SB-310 • SB-313 • SB-400 • SB-401 • HR-1680. Henry. Tempo-1.

G3ZPS - sn Lookup by QRZ. COM It performs reliably, has many fine features, and is widely available at a reasonable cost. Bander a basket case but restored to full operation, Heathkit HR-1680 RX. I discovered errors and errata in the manuals relating to the FM.

Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur - N5DUX It well outperforms my old DX-160, and does more than my Heathkit HR-1680. I will not repeat the numerous improvements to the ATS-909 that may be found on other modification websites, such as but will limit my comments to a few changes that mean the most in my shortwave listening experience with the receiver. In the TR-7 Maintenance Manual, reduced the spurs to S2. This is. HR-1680's RF and IF gain when the muting. Heathkit HW-101 transceiver, I noticed.

Heathkit Virtual Museum HR-10 Countless people use it as a source for news, information, and entertainment around the world. HR-10. Amateur band coverage only 80 through 10 meters for hh stability & tuning. Two IF amplifiers operating at 1680 kc provide good image rejection.

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