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Hyper-inducible expression system for streptomycetes - Sequence analysis confirmed chromosome circularization and revealed the insertion of adventitious DNA between joined chromosome ends. General genetic ques for streptomycetes and E. coli have been. D. A. 2000 Practical Streptomyces Genetics A Laboratory Manual.

Practical Streptomyces Genetics - Scribd Using DNA microarrays to analyze the chromosomes of mutant bacteria, we demonstrate that survivors of Tap ablation undergo telomere deletion, chromosome circularization, and amplification of subtelomeric DNA. Practical Streptomyces Genetics - Ebook download as PDF File.pdf or read book online.

Mervyn Bibb - Google Scholar Citations Microarray-based chromosome mapping at single-ORF resolution revealed common endpoints for independent deletions, identified amplified chromosomal ORFs adjacent to these endpoints, and quantified the copy number of these ORFs. Practical Streptomyces Genetics. Genetic Manipulation of Streptomyces A Laboratory Manual. Regulation of secondary metabolism in streptomycetes.

StreptomycesOther Bits/An Introduction to Linear plasmids and chromosomes from a central orin produces unpaired 3′-leading-strand overhangs at the telomeres of replication intermediates. Practical Streptomyces Genetics. details and to acquire a copy, visit

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