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How to Use a Medela Breast Pump - Parents When I made my first blog about my experiment on who was the “fastest rapper” I was noticing a lot of the comments suggesting to try to understand why or how theses rappers “spit dem bars” so fast. Medela breast pumps, such as the popular double electric Pump in Style Advanced and the Freestyle Breastpump, mimic the sucking motions a baby makes.

Workshops - Rhymecology As a result I am creating this second part of that blog to talk about how these rappers say their lines so quickly. THE INSPIRATION What do you have in common with Mos Def, Eminem. Get prepared NOW with multi-syllabic rhymes/outside the box topics/freestyle. BOOK A SONGCAMP HERE Training Manuals for Therapists and Teachers here

The Art of Rapping Fast SiOWfa15 Science in Our World Certainty. First off you have the generic rapper that can rhyme his or her last words fairly well to the beat. Eminem Fastest Rapper. Rapping is. Then you have freestyle rappers who is able to do what the generic rappers can but on the spot. A basic guide was created by the people over at Rapping Manual on how to rap fast.

The freestyle manual eminem:

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