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AB LOUNGE Sport EXCELLENT Condition. W/ Owner Manual And. Loosen the locking knob on the footrest support, adjust the footrest to a better position, then thten the locking knob and sit down again. Aim for a set of eht to 12 repetitions the first time you work out with the Ab Lounge. It comes with -The owner manual -New DVD still sealed Please email. Ab Lounge Sport Reprint Owners Manual Assembly Instructions Quick Start Guide.

How to Assemble an Ab Lounge Sport Pinterest Abs, Lounges. Ab Lounges have joined the ranks of garage sale fitness equipment, circulating from one pair of hands to another until someone decides to actually blow the dust off and break a sweat. The Ab Lounge Sport is the "lite" version of the Ab Lounge family of workout devices. Wehing only 32 pounds, this blue chair can support up to 250 pounds.

Fitness Quest Ab Lounge® Club Abdominal Trainers. The Ab Lounge itself resembles nothing more than a bizarre-looking chaise lounge, and Tony Little -- the Ab Lounge creator -- was famous for promoting its use as a chair when you're not working out. Fitness Quest Ab Lounge® Club Abdominal Trainers Sports. The Owner's Manual has clear step-by-step illustrations of the 8 various abdominal. depending on your fitness level, along with Assembly & Folding Instructions.

Ab Lounge Ultra Abdominal Trainers Sports. Your heels should rest comfortably on the footrest with your legs fully extended, but not locked. Ab Lounge Ultra Abdominal Trainers Sports & Outdoors. was great, GreatItemsOnSale01, product is new all parts included including manual.

Does the Ab Lounge 2 really work? If this isn't the case, stand up to adjust the footrest. The claims about Ab Lounge 2 not working are usually caused by over expectation, says Bryan Thomas, a sports nutritionist at LiveLeanToday.com, or by using.

Ab Lounge Review - Is This Exercise Machine Really Good For Abs? Its primary purpose, however, is to give you a challenging abdominal workout in a short amount of time -- perfect for a busy professional. Step over the Ab Lounge so you're straddling it, facing the footrest. Thinking of buying an Ab Lounge? Wondering if this fancy abdominal exercise machine really is effective for getting awesome abs? Read this review.

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