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Walther CCP-Single Stack 9mm Carry Pistol - GearExpert The controls on the CCP are easy to reach, and easy to use. After a little bit of lube, the pistol chewed up and spit out every type of 9mm. small easy to conceal 9mm handgun, the Walther PPS, which is PPK size and only. Operators/Owners Manual is a joke, Walther's Internet video is WORTESS.

Gun Review Walther PPS - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog We’ve been really excited about the Walther CCP since it was announced in March of 2014. It has 8 1 capacity, and the fantastic ergonomics we’ve come to expect from Walther. Apr 27, 2012. The Walther PPK comes in at 20 Oz. with the PPS at 19.4 Oz. The b difference is in caliber with the PPK being a.380 acp and the PPS a 9MM.

Walther CCP Review – Carolina Gunrunners – Raleh Gun Store Since it’s announcement, we’ve been hounding our distributors to get us one so we could review it. The action of the CCP is very similar to the old HK P7 pistols. Jan 31, 2015. While the CCP is bger than the other single stack 9mm pistols we are comparing. CCP proved to be tricky, even following the instructions in the owners manual. Walther PPS M2 ReviewFebruary 12, 2016In "Shop News".

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