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Kodak Retina IIa - Cameraquest The Kodak Type 025 Retina Reflex is an SLR camera with so ed convertible lenses (German: Wechselobjektiv), interchangeable lens components made by Kodak AG Stuttgart, Germany. Like many SLR cameras of German heritage it works with a leaf shutter instead of a focal plane shutter. Nov 26, 2003. The Kodak Retina IIa is my favorite of the long lived Retina series. What has made Retinas beloved of their owners is the quality of the lenses. entire Retina system is the "Retina Manual" by Edward S. Bomback. What will not fit later Retina interchangeable front lens components for the Retina IIIc/IIIC.

Kodak Retina Series - It was named Type 025 Retina Reflex since it inherited several features from the viewfinder camera Type 021 Retina IIIc: The film advance and exposure counting system, the film channel, the selenium meter, and the focusing mechanics of the lenses. I own six Retina rangefinder cameras the Retina I, Ia, Ib, II, IIa, and IIIc. buy a unit in excellent condition with the leather case and orinal instruction manual.

Kodak Retina IIIC - YouTube This interchangeable front component concept was introduced in 1954 with the Kodak Retina IIIc. Jan 13, 2011. · Kodak Retina IIIc Helon 50 f/2 - Duration. Phan Huu Lap 887 views ·. Kodak Retina Reflex - how to insert and rewind film.

Kodak Retina Reflex - pedia Even the Synchro-Compur shutter is very similar to that of the viewfinder camera. Film advance, manual. Film rewind, manual. Focusing. Focus, manual. Exposure/ Metering. Exposure, manual. Flash. Flash, cold shoe. Released, April 1957. The Kodak Retina Reflex was a series of four single-lens reflex cameras made by Kodak. front component concept was introduced in 1954 with the Kodak Retina IIIc.

Kodak User Manuals - Kodak Brownie Camera The Retina reflex is basiy a fixed-lens camera rear except for one aspect - the front three elements are contained in a cell that bayonets into the front of the lens assembly. Kodak and Kodak Brownie user manuals from the collection. The books of. Retina IIa. camera. 3-52-CM-M. Kodak. Retina IIIc. camera. Kodak. Retina. camera.

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